Data Standards Cheat Sheet;  Federal Benefits Quiz; Ending someone's homelessness and ending homelessness

New NHIP quiz!
Know your Federal Benefits:
Which one is it? SS, SSI, SSDI, SC

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2020 HUD Data Standards Cheat Sheet

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)has modified the housing destinations for entry and exit to include specific value choices when households move to public housing or housing subsidized by a Housing Choice Voucher (i.e. Section 8).  For youth households, they have also added "Host Home" as a additional choice.  The 2020 HMIS Cheat Sheet details these changes and some others. 

Now if only we can get rid of this ridiculous distinction between moving to family or friends on a temporary or permanent basis. 

Know Your Federal Benefits Quiz!

It continues to amaze how many staff who have worked in homeless or human services for many years continue to be unable to distinguish the different type of federal benefits clients typically receive.  The NHIP has created this short 10-question quiz that gives clues to the type of benefit (if any) that the person is likely receiving.

So, try your luck on this NEW QUIZ.  And give it to your staff with some additional training. Remember, you are answering based on people that are seeking services due to income and housing problems, not rich retirees.

Don't be embarrassed to learn what you don't know.

Simon Says:  We can end one person's homelessness, but we cannot end homelessness

One of the primary misunderstandings in homeless services is the difference between helping an individual person or family to end their bout of homelessness and ending the "problem" of homelessness.  Ending homelessness for a family can be easily achieved by service providers in various ways.  Over the past 40 years, millions of households have returned to stable housing and in the future millions more will be.

However, service providers, advocates, liberals, conservatives, blue ribbon committees, housing planners, and politicians CANNOT end the phenomenon of homelessness and the continued flow of new people experiencing homelessness.  If fact, many of the policies and  solutions that have ended homelessness for individuals and families has only served to increase the flow of new people into homelessness. 

HUD, VA, USICH and the NAEH fail to make this important distinction and set goals that are unachievable - certainly under current housing and homelessness policies within the framework of new social and family norms.

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