Latest federal data on scope of homelessness

New Report Shows Family and Veteran Homelessness Are Down, Even as Total Homelessness Sees a Slight Increase

The latest federal data — released this week — show that there are 552,830 people experiencing homelessness in America on any given night. That number is up slightly (0.3 percent) since last year but down 13 percent since 2010.

In the past year, there have been decreases among key populations, including families (-2.2 percent) and veterans (-5.4 percent). But serious challenges remain, especially for individual adults and those experiencing chronic homelessness. Almost half of individuals experiencing homelessness are unsheltered — sleeping outside or in a place not meant for human habitation.

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The evidence is clear that homelessness is being driven by the nation's affordable housing crisis. The lack of affordable housing has a dual effect: it pushes more people into the homelessness system, while also making it more difficult to help people exit into housing.

Alliance President & CEO Nan Roman:
"The solution to homelessness is housing. And when the nation had an adequate supply of affordable housing, we didn't have a homelessness crisis. Today, the lack of affordable housing affects large cities and rural communities alike, putting more people at risk of becoming homeless each month. We cannot overstate the scope of this challenge, or the impact it has had on the nation."

Despite these challenges, the number of people experiencing homelessness declined in 31 states and the District of Columbia in 2018. Those working on the front lines of the homelessness system are actually getting more people back into housing every year. The increases of the past two years aren't because the homelessness system isn't effective; they are because more people are coming into the system than ever.

The fact that so many communities continue to reduce the number of homeless people is proof that with greater federal and local investments and a bigger commitment to affordable housing, the rest of the nation can do the same.

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Update on Efforts to Address Rural Homelessness

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Update on Efforts to Address Rural Homelessness
Since launching All Routes Home: Ending Homelessness in Rural America in August of this year, HUD has been working with communities and partners across the nation to better understand homelessness in rural areas. There is still a lot to learn about how communities find solutions to unique rural challenges and how HUD and its partners can be part of the solution. While there are many challenges rural communities face, there are creative solutions as well. HUD is committed to providing more case studies and resources highlighting promising practices.
One area that HUD wanted to highlight is governance. While Continuums of Care (CoCs) with multiple jurisdictions – many of which are rural – have different local governance structures, HUD noticed that a general pattern exists for how to successfully govern this kind of CoC. HUD recently published How to Govern Geographically Diverse CoCs: Leading by Providing a Regional Voice, a resource that outlines how a CoC that encompasses several jurisdictions can effectively govern them. This resource specifically focuses on balancing local autonomy and central leadership, addresses key components of how to fund this kind of governance structure, and covers how to engage people experiencing homelessness in these situations.
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News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Take Time On Friday to Remember Those We've Lost This Year 

Friday is Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. 
Megan Hustings, director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, reminds us to pause and remember the people experiencing homelessness that we have lost this year.  

National Estimates of Homelessness Largely Unchanged in 2018 Point-in-Time Count Data

Yesterday, HUD released the data from the 2018 PIT Count in Part 1 of its Annual Homeless Assessment Report, showing a very small 0.3% increase overall. There was a mix of reductions for some populations and increases for others.  
These year-to-year numbers - along with the trends over time - give us a picture of the progress we are making and the significant work we have ahead of us. 

Read Matthew's initial takeaways from the report. 

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Check out our recently completed Homelessness in America series, which includes briefs on families with children, unaccompanied youth, Veterans, people experiencing chronic homelessness, and single adults. 
Congratulations to Little Rock, Arkansas, for Effectively Ending Veteran Homelessness!

Little Rock is the 68th community across 35 states to achieve the goal of ending Veteran homelessness. Read the news release here! 

Report on USICH's Performance and Accountability 

Want to know what our staff was working on in 2018? Read our performance and accountability report.  
U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, 301 7th St. SW, Washington, DC 20407

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