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HMIS Capacity Building Project NOFA
HUD is committed to ending homelessness and believes good, reliable information is essential to that effort. We have made a long-term investment in Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) to provide this information. HMIS has become integral to day-to-day delivery of resources to individuals and families experiencing homelessness, monitoring the use of federal funding, informing funding decisions, and allowing communities to develop data-driven strategies to positively impact their efforts to end homelessness.
Some Continuums of Care (CoCs) have an HMIS infrastructure that is nimble and has the capacity to adapt to ever-changing information needs. Others struggle and would benefit from funding dedicated to improving HMIS. That’s why we are excited about HUD’s recent publication of the HMIS Capacity Building Project Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).
This NOFA provides $5 million in one-time funding to help communities improve their CoC’s HMIS. Improvements can mean different things for different communities. It may mean consolidating HMIS implementations to gain economies of scale and expertise. It may mean modifying software to better support communities to meet HUD HMIS regulatory requirements. Or it may mean a concerted effort to increase the HMIS knowledge base among the HMIS system administration staff and CoC leadership.

Eligible Activities

The following activities are eligible under this NOFA:
  • Consolidate HMIS software or databases with another CoC’s HMIS
  • Upgrade, customize, or configure the functionality of an existing HMIS
  • Improve HMIS data quality
  • Increase staff skills through trainings related to HMIS governance, data quality improvements, and data analysis

How to Apply

Applicants must be existing CoC program recipients that are Unified Funding Agencies (UFAs), collaborative applicants, or HMIS Leads. The CoC will either:
  1. Apply to improve their existing HMIS; or
  2. Apply on behalf of two or more CoCs with the intent to execute an HMIS Consolidation to improve the performance of lower-performing HMISs.
CoCs can look at their most recent HUD Data Exchange (HDX) submissions (i.e. bed coverage, Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR), and data quality) to help assess need. For HMIS Consolidations, CoCs can look at the Appendix of the NOFA to identify high-need HMISs that, when consolidated with high performing HMISs, may be competitive for the improvement and consolidation funds provided in the NOFA.
HUD is using a two-phase process to select applicants and distribute funding.
  • Phase 1: CoCs will apply to fund HMIS improvements or an HMIS consolidation. HUD will evaluate each proposed activity to ensure eligibility and evaluate the CoC’s responses to several rating factors.
  • Phase 2: Based on Phase 1 results, applicants will be conditionally selected and asked to submit a budget and project proposal for review and approval. To help assure the budgets and project proposals are cost-effective, feasible, necessary, and maximize the positive impact of this funding, HUD will offer a selection of TA providers to the CoCs that are conditionally selected. The TA providers will assist with developing the budget and project proposal. HUD will distribute available funds based on the cost effectiveness, feasibility, necessity, and estimated impact of each submitted budget and proposal.
We sincerely hope that if your community needs to improve its HMIS capacity and feels these funds would benefit that effort, your CoC will apply. Applications are due January 31, 2019.
Norm Suchar
Director, Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Question ID 130802 - HUD Exchange Ask A Question

Question Status: Answered
Thank you for submitting a question via the HUD Exchange. The response to your question is listed below.
Requestor Name: Jason Burns
Question Related To: Homelessness Data Exchange (including PIT, HIC, AHAR, Sys PM, LSA, and PDX)
Question ID: 130802
Question Subject:
Extension Request for 2018 AHAR (w/LSA)
Question Text:

We are formally requesting an extension beyond the 11/30/18 submission deadline for the 2018 AHAR (w/LSA).  We feel that the new LSA guidelines were rushed, and do not provide the minimal time needed for accurate data.  We are experiencing numerous challenges from the very limited time to coordinate and implement your very recently released guidelines, trainings (HUD + HMIS software vendor), software glitches w/HUD HDX 2.0, data cleanup, project setup, etc.  Feel free to call me for more input.  I'd be glad to discuss in more detail.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dear Jason,
Thank you for contacting the AAQ. We see that you were able to successfully meet the 11/9 test deadline with LSA reports that were accepted by the HDX 2.0 with no fatal errors. Given this, we understand you have been able to export an LSA report from your HMIS successfully and upload it to the HDX 2.0 without significant issue. If your only concern is the accuracy of the data in your submission, please remember that the submission deadline of 11/30 is only the beginning of a conversation with your LSA Data Liaison and there will be time and opportunity to re-upload revised reports if you and your Data Liaison determine it to be necessary or desirable.
You can find full details of the LSA submission process in Section 2 of An Introductory Guide to Submitting LSA Data for the AHAR.
If you experience a specific issue with your upload or have a specific question related to the LSA upload process, please re-open your AAQ with those details.

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Registration Closed: VAWA Housing Protections - Implementation within ESG and CoC Programs Webinar

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Registration Closed: VAWA Housing Protections - Implementation within ESG and CoC Programs Webinar
Registration has been closed for HUD and CSH’s VAWA Housing Protections - Implementation within ESG and CoC Programs Webinar on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 due to the large number of registrants. If you have already registered please be sure to log on to the webinar early; registration is capped at the first 500 participants. If more than one person from your organization is registered we ask that you log on from one computer to help make space for more registrants.
The webinar will also be recorded and posted to the HUD Exchange training page for those that were not able to register or to enter the webinar. The slides will be also be available for download on the HUD Exchange after the webinar.
We thank you for your interest and will send a link to the posting once available.
If you have questions about VAWA as relates to CoC and ESG, please submit a question to the HUD Exchange Ask A Question (AAQ) portal.
Visit the HUD Exchange at

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