Due TODAY! Submit Your Comments on GPD Proposed Rule

Due TODAY! Submit Your Comments on GPD Proposed Rule 
Make your voice heard!
Last month the VA announced a new “proposed rule” in the Federal Register that would make several changes to the way the grant is administered. These changes would have impacts on how you run your program and how the VA measured your success. The proposed rule is a required step in any federal rule making, and it provides anyone with an opportunity to comment on the changes. This is your opportunity to tell VA how the changes would impact your work, and if they would be positive or negative for the veterans you serve.
Any and all comments must be submitted by Sept. 25 at midnight EST, so if you are planning on making a comment please do so soon. If you are not already planning on making a comment, please strongly consider it: this is our chance to make our voices heard now, before the changes go into effect.
To read the proposed rule and find out how to make a comment, click here.
To read a copy of NCHV’s comment on the proposed rule, click here. The more comments submitted on these issue areas, the more likely it is that the final rule will incorporate our shared concerns.

Schedule and Resources for the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report

Beginning on October 1, 2017 communities can submit their data for the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress through the Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX). In preparation, those assigned as primary contacts for Continuums of Care (CoCs) should login at www.hudhdx.info and review and edit the list of people who have access to their community’s data via the HDX (see the HDX Admin\CoC Access tabs).
CoCs that have not participated in the past, but wish to submit data this year, should register for the AHAR as soon as possible by clicking on the Register as an AHAR site link on the HDX homepage. The homepage also contains links to AHAR data submission guidance and resources.
The schedule for the 2017 AHAR is:
October 31, 2017: draft data on both All Persons and Veterans
  • Submitting draft data by the deadline ensures that your CoC’s data will be thoroughly reviewed in advance of the final deadline.
  • For purposes of meeting the draft deadline, all of your AHAR reporting shells should be changed from “In Progress” to “In Review” so that your AHAR data liaison can begin to look through your initial submission and provide you with any necessary feedback on changes to make before the AHAR final deadline.
December 1, 2017: final data on both All Persons and Veterans
  • At midnight Pacific Time, communities will no longer be able to make changes to their data in the HDX. Data are considered final at this time. By December 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM PT, all data categories will be marked as “Complete” if they were not already, and the Confirm button will appear, if it was not there already. While all users will be able to see the Confirm button, only the CoC Primary’s account in HDX will show that button as live and with authority to press it.
December 5, 2017: confirmation of data for both All Persons and Veterans
  • The community’s CoC Primary should go into HDX and confirm their data submission by this date. If they do not, the data will be auto-confirmed at 12:01 AM PT on December 6, 2017. The Data Liaison is not authorized to assess the usability status of your data unless the data are confirmed.
The 2017 AHAR reporting requirements are based on the HMIS Data Standards from March 2010. As the AHAR data collection kick-off date approaches, updated community resources, including webinars, FAQs, and detailed guidance will be announced through the HUD Exchange mailing list and linked to from the HDX homepage.
If you have questions pertaining to the AHAR, please submit your questions through the Ask A Question (AAQ) portal on the HUD Exchange website. Select “HDX: Homelessness Data Exchange” from the “My question is related to” dropdown list on Step 2 of the AAQ question submission process.
Visit the HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info