HUD Publishes Integrity Bulletin: Key Components of Financial Management for CPD Grants

Financial management is the systematic application of procedures, forms, rules of conduct, and standards. As a grantee or subrecipient in receipt of Federal funds, your financial management practices must comply with the cost principles established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This Bulletin is intended to identify components of a sound financial management system and offer guidance on avoiding some of the common challenges grantees face when managing Federal funds.
A well-organized financial management system is key to ensuring that Federal funds are used for their intended purposes and that program goals are achieved. Sound financial management practices:
  1. Increase efficiency by reducing administrative burden and allowing the organization to spend more time administering programs and fulfilling its mission;
  2. Promote integrity, transparency, and accountability by ensuring that all financial transactions are clearly documented using methods that are easy for both grantees and HUD to understand;
  3. Ensure that all expenditures are accounted for within the budget;
  4. Facilitate compliance with all applicable regulations including Federal cost principles, program-specific requirements, and local rules.
This Bulletin addresses five of the seven key components of financial management: 1. budgeting; 2. accounting and records; 3. cost principles; 4. reporting; and, 5. audits. The other two components, procurement and internal controls, are the subject of previous Integrity Bulletins.
HUD recently completed a major update of the regulations related to financial management by grantees. In their turn, grantees must update their policies, procedures, contracts, and other documents to conform to the new standards. HUD has observed that even the most competent grantees may struggle to be sufficiently thorough and detailed in this update. One resource that may be useful for grant managers is the Guide for Review of Financial Management required of certain disaster recovery grantees to allow HUD to assess their financial proficiency prior to grant award. Much of this guide is generally applicable and may be helpful for grantees in guiding review and update of financial management systems.
The states, local governments and nonprofits that use Community Planning and Development (CPD) program funds are encouraged to review this Integrity Bulletin and apply lessons contained herein to current and upcoming financial management activities. We would also like to get your feedback on the usefulness of the Bulletin. If you have comments to share please direct them to Alexa Rosenberg at
For more information on financial management or other CPD program related issues we encourage you to utilize HUD’s Technical Assistance website, the HUD Exchange.
Visit the HUD Exchange at

PIT/HIC Updates for 2017

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Bowman Client Update
2017 PIT/HIC Updates
We know you're ready for your 2017 Point in Time and Housing Inventory Counts!  We have revising the following reports/document to meet the 2017 requirements:

0630 Point In Time for Sheltered and Unsheltered V19

  • Updated Report to meet 2017 PIT guidelines from HUD
    • Updated chronically homeless calculation to reflect recent changes by HUD including use of conditional logic.
    • Updated "Other" gender to "Client Doesn't Identify as male, female or transgender"
  • Resolved issue with Disability Start and End Dates not appearing on Disability Detail tab.
  • Updated affected picklist values and objects with recent changes to HUD Data Dictionary.

0629 Housing Inventory Count V14

  • Updated Report to meet 2017 HIC guidelines from HUD
    • Updated default prompt dates for 2017
    • Added Federal Funding Source for each project to Additional Information Tab
    • Added additional Unit Type for Transitional Housing (Optional field)

0628 HIC Supplement V7

  • Updated Report to meet 2017 HIC guidelines from HUD
    • Updated chronically homeless calculation to reflect recent changes by HUD including use of conditional logic.
  • Updated affected picklist values and objects with recent changes to HUD Data Dictionary.

The 2017 Unsheltered Workflow v1 is now available on Collaborango

The 0628/0630 reports will be available in mapped ART Gallery reports folder on Monday, January 23, 2017. The 0629 HIC report is already available in the mapped ART Gallery reports folder.  The User Manual for the 0630 Report will post by the close of business on Monday, January 23, 2017.
Please contact your CSS with any questions.

An Important Message About Homelessness & the New Administration

The baseline for measuring progress on ending homelessness for the Trump Administration.

Today is the first day of the new Administration

Let's establish the baseline for our progress moving forward:

Over the last decade, federal efforts to address homelessness saw some success with the number of people experiencing homelessness decreasing slowly. At the start of the Administration of Donald Trump and the outset of the 115th United States Congress, the number of people who are homeless is 549,928. This is the baseline for judging the success of efforts to end homelessness in the new Administration and Congress.  

"I will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and streets of our country if I am President"

- President Donald Trump, Republic Debate, 2/26/2016

To learn more about what should be done to to end homelessness, visit

Questions? Contact:
Keri Buscaglia, Director of Communications

The National Alliance to End Homelessness is a nonprofit, non-partisan, organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. As a leading voice on the issue of homelessness, the Alliance analyzes policy and develops pragmatic, cost-effective policy solutions; works collaboratively with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to build state and local capacity; and provides data and research to policymakers and elected officials in order to inform policy debates and educate the public and opinion leaders nationwide.

Copyright © 2017 National Alliance to End Homelessness, All rights reserved.

SOAR January Webinar Series - Webinar II: Thursday, Jan. 26

SOAR January Webinar Series - Strengthening SOAR Applications Through Strong Collaborations
SOAR is more than just a training model. To be successful, SOAR programs must also focus on building strong relationships with SSA, DDS, the medical community and others.  SOAR providers who focus on such collaborations report more successful SOAR outcomes. 
Grab some hot chocolate, coffee, or a cup of tea, and join us for a series of three webinars to hear stories from SOAR communities, SSA and DDS specialists, and a medical provider on how they have improved SOAR applications by building relationships of mutual respect and trust in order to accomplish a great deal of hope for our SOAR applicants. You will also learn how to apply these best practices to creating or improving your SOAR Process which will result in the submission of quality SOAR applications!
This webinar series is recommended for SOAR State Leads, Local Leads, SOAR Providers and SOAR Practitioners who want to learn how strengthening collaborations among key partners with the SOAR Process will lead to the submission of stronger SOAR applications.   

Webinar I:  Case Development: The Ultimate DDS Experience!  
Thursday, January 19, 3:00-4:30pm (ET)
This webinar was recorded and is available for viewing at:

Webinar II:  Medical Summary Reports: What is in that Co-Signed MSR?
Thursday, January 26, 3:00-4:30pm (ET)
Using the MSR, Montgomery's SOAR program has been able to document important and otherwise undocumented details of their SOAR Applicants' life experiences, particularly the trauma experienced during incarceration and in childhood, that compound their disabilities. Hear more about how they found providing the MSR to the consulting psychologists and doctors has helped these professionals more fully and accurately assess the applicants who are often reluctant to discuss their experiences.  Learn some MSR writing tips too!
  • Maria Morrison, MSW, MFA, Senior Social Worker, Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, AL
  • Suzie Brady, SOAR Local Lead and SOAR Specialist, Austin Travis County Integral Care, Austin, TX

Webinar III: The SOAR Process:  How SSA in Trenton Supports Quality SOAR Applications
Monday, January 30, 3:00-4:30pm (ET)

A successful SOAR Process does not happen overnight.  The Trenton SOAR team learned early on that communication between SSA and SOAR providers is critical to growing and sustaining SOAR.  Hear how they maintain fidelity to the SOAR model by implementing a SOAR Process which is designed to be adjusted as needed based on workload issues and other feedback. Learn best practices for completing quality SOAR applications from both SOAR and SSA perspectives. 
  • Pam Heine, LSW, Senior Project Associate, SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center, Policy Research Associates, Inc., Delmar, NY
  • David Vinokurov, District Manager, Social Security Administration, Trenton, NJ
  • Diane Hirko, LSW, SOAR Coordinator, SOAR Case Manager and SOAR Local Lead, Family Guidance Center, Trenton, NJ

Five Books for the Fight Ahead

Also: Organizing Will Win ● When a Community Developer Gets $3M for the Arts ● In Troubled Times, Take Stock of Our Community Wealth
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Industry News

Funmilola Fagbamila, arts and culture director and organizer with Black Lives Matter, has been awarded a UCLA Inaugural 2017 Activist-In-Residence Fellowship. See more information about Fagbamila and the fellowship here.

Lisa Hasegawa, former executive director of National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Development, has been awarded a UCLA Inaugural 2017 Activist-In-Residence Fellowship. See more information about Hasegawa and the fellowship here.


Webinar | Why Housing Messages Backfire and What We Can Do | Jan. 31, 2 p.m. ET

Join the National Housing Conference, Enterprise Community Partners, and the FrameWorks Institute for a discussion of housing messaging pitfalls and simple things housers can do to advocate more effectively and build support for affordable housing.

Webinar | Highlighting New Federal Reserve Research on Philanthropic Grantmaking Across the U.S | Jan. 26, 12 p.m. ET

This webinar will provide foundation representatives a chance to learn how community and economic development grant capital is distributed across metropolitan areas in the U.S. and how local communities can bolster their capacity to absorb various forms of capital for their development efforts.


Disrupting Poverty: Creating a Market that Values Health

David Erickson, director of Community Development at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, suggests a new approach to disrupting poverty and improving community well-being.


Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Individuals with Entrepreneurship Training and Access to Microloans

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced the Aspire Challenge, a prize competition to expand access to entrepreneurial education and microloans for formerly incarcerated individuals and non-violent ex-offenders. Applications due Feb. 12.

ArtPlace Announces Open Applications Round for National Creative Placemaking Fund

Artplace America has $9.5 million available for projects that work with artists and arts organizations to build stronger, healthier communities. Registration deadline Feb. 14. Applications due Feb. 22. More details and application process can be found here.

Five for the Frontlines: Books to Prepare for the Fight Ahead
James Tracy, San Francisco Community Land Trust
While the stakes are too high to lock one's self away in a Scandinavian country and just read over the next four years, these five books stand out particularly because they provide clues on what good organizing might look like in the years ahead.

Organizing Will Win
Laura Barrett, Interfaith Worker Justice
There is much to be hopeful about: a new generation of activists being called to serve; the dynamic organizing in worker centers, faith-labor coalitions, and unions nationwide; and the fact that worker justice issues are consistently supported by a large majority of Americans in every state. Here are several key victories from 2016 that the movement will build on . . . More

In Troubled Times, Taking Stock of Our Community Wealth
Steve Dubb, The Democracy Collaborative
As we in the community wealth building field think about how to face the current federal environment, it might be helpful to take stock of where gains have occurred. Among many others, here is a list of five. More


Amy Evans
What Happens When a Community Developer Gets $3M for the Arts
Amy Evans, writer and educator
ArtPlace America's Community Development Investments program gave multiyear funding and support to community development organizations that had not previously used arts and culture strategies in their work. We spoke with three of the six grantees to see how their first year went.

Looking at Places Through Artists' Eyes
How an Alaskan housing authority plans to focus on creative placemaking as a development strategy to better reflect the communities it serves. More

Preserving the Character of Little Tokyo
In the wake of rapid gentrification, an organization in Los Angeles leverages the arts to celebrate a community's rich heritage and keep social equity as a priority.  More

An Appetite for Art in Small Town Minnesota
In rapidly diversifying rural Minnesota, an ArtPlace grant is seen as a resource for celebrating cultures and creating bridges between them. More

Shelterforce's arts, culture, and community development reporting is supported by the Kresge Foundation.

You Said It!

Great article! Thanks. I've sent this around to others at Enterprise. --Rich Gross, more

Congratulations to the hard working folks who are driving this encouraging new endeavor. While the hard won efforts are not new to our industry, I think the story of accessing this new form of . . . --Pamela Bridgeforth, more

I don't know exactly what you're arguing against . . . You say the neighborhood is what filters so that won't translate into a future increase of supply of non-luxury housing. Let's step away from dueling ideas for a sec and just look at what actually happens . . . --Tim, more

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Will have direct experience in community and economic development, writing federal and nonfederal grants, managing relationships with foundations, and . . . Read Full Listing
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CHP seeks a seasoned PM professional with demonstrated experience in best practice operations and compliance who cares deeply about social impact and . . . Read Full Listing
Community Land Trust Manager

This is a versatile role requiring the candidate to be adept at community relations, community organizing, housing development, advocacy, and public policy . . . Read Full Listing

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