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October 2017
This Veterans Day, Help NCHV Advance Efforts to Get #BootsOffTheStreet
Veterans Day social media campaign

Each year, we celebrate Veterans Day with parades, concerts, ceremonies, and other gestures to honor the men and women who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces. Outside of the spotlight of this important holiday, nearly 40,000 veterans are experiencing homelessness on any given night. You know these veterans, you serve them in your community. 
This year for Veterans Day, please consider joining us to help reach our goal of raising $11,011 during our #BootsOffTheStreet Veterans Day campaign. All proceeds go toward furthering our efforts to advocate, collaborate, and help you build your organization's capacity in your community to end veteran homelessness in every community across the country.
Donate today by visiting https://www.razoo.com/story/6lipof. If you can’t donate, please share with your network! We'll be posting on social media with #BootsOffTheStreet the week leading up to and the weekend of Veterans Day. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and like and share!
Thank you for the work you do to support our nation's veterans, and thank you for your support of our national mission as a member of NCHV.
Operation Main Street Website is Live 
Make the difference in your community with #OpMainStreet
The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is pleased to announce that our Operation Main Street website is up and running!

Taking place during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, Operation Main Street is the first ever NCHV led, nation-wide advocacy push. Much like a Capitol Hill Day when members come to D.C. to talk to their Representatives and Senators about veteran issues, #OpMainStreet is a grassroots advocacy program, designed to bring that same idea to your local communities. The week after Veterans Day (Nov. 12-18) veteran service providers, CoC partners, and clients all across the country will take meetings with Mayors, City Council Members, County Executives, and even state level legislators or executives to tell those elected officials what needs to be done in their own back yard to end veteran homelessness. These topics of discussion can be anything, from affordable housing creation or preservation, to criminalization, or court barriers. You can even talk about how national level changes in policy affect your communities – whatever it is that you need in your community, you should plan to discuss. 
All you as a volunteer have to do is sign up, schedule the meeting, and post about it all on social media using the hashtag #OpMainStreet! NCHV will be there to help prepare you for the meeting with webinars on how to successfully advocate on behalf of the veterans you serve, and to connect you to research and white papers to inform your conversation.
The week of the events, NCHV will also be acting as a force multiplier to amplify the message across social media and the traditional press. We will have dozens and dozens of communities taking these meetings all at once, and the goal is to get as much press attention on the issue as possible – both locally for the benefit of your programs, but also nationally for the benefit of all of us. A crucial part of this puzzle is your willingness to take photos with your local elected official and share it online using the hashtag #OpMainStreet.
Please go to http://www.nchv.org/index.php/policy/policy/op_main_street/ to read more about Operation Main Street, and to access the webinars and resources we’ve pulled together for you. If you have any questions, please contact NCHV staff at opmainstreet@nchv.org
Free and Discounted Specials for Veterans Day
List of meals, discounts, sales, and deals
In observance of Veterans Day, several local and national restaurants/businesses are offering free meals and other discounts to veterans and their families.
To see the full list of 2017 Veterans Holiday Free Meals, Discounts, Sales, and Deals visit this link from MilitaryBenefits.info: https://militarybenefits.info/veterans-day-discounts-sales-deals-free-meals/.
Rural Homelessness Among Veterans
Research brief from VA National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans
Rural homelessness among veterans is a poorly understood phenomenon. We do not know the extent to which veterans who access homeless services in urban areas have their origins in more rural areas or to what degree homeless veterans living in rural areas choose to forgo homeless services (thereby being uncounted among the homeless veteran population). There is a need for more research on all aspects of rural homelessness among veterans.

This brief from the VA National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans lays groundwork for more systematic research on rural veteran homelessness, especially that which focuses on the basic questions concerning differences in characteristics and services needs of rural veterans. Two specific research questions guide this study. First, in what ways is the rural veteran homeless population different than the non-rural veteran homeless population? Second, to what extent is homeless services use among veterans from rural areas different than that of those who were from more densely populated areas?
To view the brief, Rural Homelessness Among Veterans, click here.
Funding Opportunities
The American Savings Foundation makes grants across the state of Connecticut, in 64 communities where the partner bank operates. The Foundation makes grants for educational and human services purposes, among others, and does so for capital grants as well as general program grants. The Foundation will announce the next deadlines for applications soon. To learn more about the process and the application, click here.
The Hershey Company makes grants in the areas of education, health and human services, and community initiatives in the communities in which their manufacturing plants are located. These areas include the states of Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. Cash and in-kind donations are available, and requests for funding are not tied to any application deadline. To apply, contact the management of the local plants. This information, and application packet information, can be found by clicking here

Time to bury terms like "blight"

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
In This Issue: Four Simple Fixes for Mandatory Inclusionary Housing ● #ThisIsNotUs. Except, It Is. ● Review: Meltdown ● A Crisis of Culture (Again) ● Time to Bury Terms Like "Blight" ● Also: Jobs Opportunity ● Resources ● Events ● You Said It! ● In Case You Missed It ● More
Stephan Petryczka, Master of Urban Planning candidate, NYU
Given the commitment New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made to low- and moderate-income residents, city officials ought to consider the realities of the housing lottery program on the ground. As other cities look to its policies to learn and borrow from, it is vital that the program is cleaned up and made worthy of modeling. Here are a few simple reforms that I believe could quickly improve the program here and inform similar programs elsewhere.
One of the ways that implicit racial bias is reinforced is through loaded language. Shelterforce has gathered some racially loaded terms that are common in our field. We suggest you use these sparingly and carefully, if at all . . .
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A. Adar Ayira, Associated Black Charities
How our organizations perform—how we frame our work and how we react to structural, institutional, and cultural threats to our stakeholders—is key. We are constantly faced with the decision of whether to #TakeAKnee in our work, and whether we meet this challenge or not either reinforces our racialized landscape or . . .
Joyce Fernandes, artist, writer, and cultural worker
During my 10 years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, there were two major controversies at the School centered around the display of student artwork. The first involved a painting that showed the recently deceased Mayor Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor, dressed in pink women’s lingerie. The second controversy involved the display of . . .
Kirsch and Squires’s book could best be described as a documentary-style telling of the politics behind the economic decisions leading to the financial crisis and subsequent policy responses. They describe the genesis of the idea for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (a white paper by senior Obama White House staff led by Michael Barr), the economic motivations for the agency, the politics propelling and also inhibiting the agency, and key players including Richard Cordray, former “Jeopardy” champion and . . .
Thursday, Nov. 2, 3:00 p.m. ET ● Solutions for Mitigating Neighborhood Blight: Innovations and Policy StrategiesSponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, this Connecting Communities® webinar on mitigating "blight" will highlight two innovative programs and a policy strategy that offer working solutions to address the appraisal gap and mitigate the impact of vacancy and abandonment in distressed communities.
2017 Race for Results, Building a Path to Opportunity for All ChildrenThis new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation measures children’s progress at the national and state levels in achieving key education, health, and economic milestones for racial and ethnic groups. This year’s report also focuses on the challenges facing children in immigrant families.
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City of Atlanta Extends Application Deadline for Innovative Affordable Housing Design Competition ● The competition, domestiCITY, seeks innovative proposals on how to balance the financial and spatial challenges of development in heavily populated and increasingly urbanized areas with the social and economic needs of existing and future communities. Intent to submit deadline is November 14th. For the complete timeline and more info, click here
You Said It!

It’s a national story/tragic/conspiracy
Capitalism rampant forever
Division into those with and those without

Your poem embraces all of it

Thank you —Chris Fisher

My Brothers . . .
you've Embraced what every "homegrown" man and woman
of this beautiful city feels . . .
Excellent work! from your . . . —LaJuan

This is beautiful. LOVE all of it but this stanza especially: 
Here, we are the monuments
With cherry blossom hearts
Cut us down and watch this city lose its soul . . . —Heather L Davis

You are amazing, you.
You make me stop and SEE you.
You help me remember and respect your struggle;
past, present and future, you.
You make me a better person, you.
And, I thank you. —C A P
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Project Manager
Hope Enterprise Corporation / Hope Credit Union is seeking an individual with a passion for social change and inclusion to amplify our efforts to extend our mission and impact to Hispanic/Latino residents across the Mid South. Leading a diverse and multi-disciplinary project team, the PM will . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director
The Hopi Credit Association is a certified Native CDFI on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. The ED directs overall operations and assures financial soundness and professional delivery of products and services in line with our Mission to provide loans for Hopi members in home construction, business, and . . . Read Full Listing
Senior Project Manager
Home City Development seeks a Senior Real Estate Project Manager to develop affordable housing and neighborhood improvement projects in Springfield and the surrounding Western Massachusetts communities. This person will work closely with staff to complete new projects, continue to . . . Read Full Listing
Director—International Shelter Initiatives
Habitat for Humanity seeks a talented individual for this highly collaborative and globally-focused position. The person in this role will provide a high level of technical expertise in the design and implementation of shelter and technology programs and initiatives, as well as technical funding and . . . Read Full Listing
Community Organizer
The person in this role will work with National Housing Trust and partner organization colleagues to organize residents, affordable housing owners, and stakeholders in select states and congressional districts where NHT owns affordable housing supported by project-based Section 8 rental housing assistance and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits . . . Read Full Listing
Director of New Projects
This senior-level leadership position drives new housing development with a focus on supportive housing. Working with the Executive Director, the person in this role will help position Beacon Interfaith as a thought leader in supportive housing in Minnesota and nationally . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director
The National NeighborWorks Association seeks a strategic ED with superior relationship-building skills to further NNA’s work with a diverse network of NeighborWorks organizations, NeighborWorks America, and key national policymakers to promote the community development field . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director
The ideal candidate for this position will be passionate about NeighborWorks’ mission of developing affordable housing and helping improve the livability of Great Falls neighborhoods. The ED will be responsible for the overall management, strategic direction, fundraising, accountability . . . Read Full Listing
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