NHSDC Youth Privacy Summit

NHSDC Youth Privacy Summit
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Youth Privacy Summit
October 12, 2016
New Orleans, LA
NHSDC and the National Network for Youth (NN4Y) are convening The Youth Privacy Summit, a gathering of service providers, educators, justice administrators, and federal/state/local policy makers to formally document barriers to collecting accurate and timely information from young people experiencing homelessness.  As recent successes in ending veterans’ homelessness have shown, measuring the problem is a prerequisite to solving it.
The complex intersection of privacy protections, emergency needs, and community goals creates a challenging environment for service providers to collect eligibility information, service needs, and connect unaccompanied minors to life-saving services.  Often outreach workers and social workers are confronted with a choice between serving a youth or documenting their interaction.
NHSDC has a history of creating forums for policy makers, service providers, and data experts to navigate complex challenges. Solving the critical problems that put young people on the street without access to resources requires contributions from a variety of experts.  NHSDC is partnering with NN4Y to bring together the best group of people to define the problem.
NN4Y mobilizes the collective power and expertise of our national community to influence public policy and strengthen effective responses to youth homelessness. NN4Y has been a critical partner assisting communities resolve challenges consolidating HMIS and RHYMIS. This unique forum will gather an inventory of barriers to collecting information both for use in understanding youth homelessness, and more importantly, as an essential activity to connecting individual youth with service providers.
This discussion is a necessary step to overcome the barriers that contribute to youth homelessness in the United States.  The goal of the Summit is to create a clear articulation of the problem to allow for continued progress measuring and ending youth homelessness.  NHSDC and NN4Y are committed to this goal and believe this Summit will be the next step in that process.
To register please go to the Registration Page.  Space is extremely limited.  This event precedes NHSDC’s Fall Conference in New Orleans.

Correction: The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) Application is Now Available - Submission Deadline is Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD Exchange Mailing List

Correction: The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) Application is Now Available - Submission Deadline is Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This message is being re-sent to correct the day of the NOFA submission deadline. The NOFA is due on Wednesday, November 30, 2016; not Monday.
The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) has been posted to the YHDP page on the HUD Exchange.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EDT

  • YHDP is an exciting new initiative designed to reduce the number of youth experiencing homelessness in 10 participating communities (4 will be rural).
  • HUD strongly encourages all communities to consider applying. Applications will be submitted through grants.gov (and not through e-snaps).
  • Carefully and thoroughly read the YHDP NOFA to clearly understand the program expectations, requirements, rating and ranking factors before applying.
  • This application is for your community’s participation in the initiative only. Project funding applications will only be submitted by communities selected to participate.
  • Participate in the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) webinar HUD Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program: Strategies for Success on September 15, 2016 at 3:00 PM EDT. Register for the webinar.
  • This application must be submitted by a community’s Continuum of Care (CoC) Collaborative Applicant, but must be co-developed with a broad array of community partners, including a youth advisory board*, a state or local child welfare agency*, youth homelessness housing and service providers, local schools districts, workforce development organizations, law enforcement, judges, corrections, and more.
    *formal participation agreement required.
  • Links to the NOFA, the application, FAQs, the AAQ portal, an introductory video, and additional resources can found on the YHDP page.

Listserv Communications

All information related to the YHDP NOFA is communicated via the HUD Exchange Mailing List. Join the mailing list to receive important updates and reminders.
If you are aware or suspect that the Collaborative Applicant, CoC members, or interested stakeholders are not currently receiving these listserv messages, please forward the following link, https://www.hudexchange.info/mailinglist/, to them to register for the listserv messages as this is the primary form of communication used by HUD to the public.
If you have questions related to subscribing to the HUD Exchange mailing list or have issues receiving listserv messages in your inbox please contact info@hudexchange.info. Please be sure to add news@hudexchange.info and info@hudexchange.info to your contact list or safe senders list. This ensures that messages from the HUD Exchange go to your inbox and are not filtered to your spam or junk folder.


If you have questions concerning technical issues or the content of the YHDP NOFA, please submit them to the CoC Program Ask A Question (AAQ) portal on the HUD Exchange website. Make sure that the text of your question includes “YHDP” so that it will be appropriately routed to the YHDP team. To submit a question to the CoC ProgramAAQ portal, select “CoC Program” from the “My question is related to” drop down list on Step 2 of the question submission process.
The AAQ portal accepts question submissions 24/7. However, responses are usually provided between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except for weekends and federal holidays. Additionally, starting 2 business days prior to the application deadline, the AAQ will respond only to emergency technical support questions up to the deadline of Monday, November 28, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EDT.

SSVF Program Updates August 18, 2016


1.     SSVF Grantee Survey on Grant Extension Opportunity: Due 8/24
2.     Clarification on SSVF Regional Meeting Participation
3.     VA Releases SSVF Proposed Rule for Public Comment
4.     Grantee Action Needed Regarding Outstanding FFR Financial Status Reports (FSR)
5.     SSI/SSDI Outcomes Request – due 9/2/2016

SSVF Grantee Survey on Grant Extension Opportunity

As this grant year comes to a close, the program office would like for grantees to provide feedback on grant extension opportunities.  After conducting an internal review of your agency's progress toward the SSVF grant goals, as well as expenditures, grantees are asked to complete a brief survey regarding a 30-day grant extension. The following link is a brief questionnaire and the responses will be used to identify which SSVF grantees will be contacted with instructions for submitting an official extension request within the GIFTS grants management system.  More detailed information will be provided on the national webinar on August 18th, so please be sure to register.

The deadline for the survey is Monday Aug 22nd  Please note: Deadline was revised to 8/24.  If there is no response from an agency by that deadline, then the online requirement will not be available in GIFTS. Please take the time to review your grant progress and expenditures in advance of this deadline.

Clarification on SSVF Regional Meeting Participation
We would like to provide clarification regarding the upcoming set of SSVF Regional Meetings. The Regional Meetings will be held from late August through early October at 10 locations throughout the U.S.  Grantees are assigned to one of these 10 locations and will receive email notification regarding meeting sites and registration details.  Please note that the Regional Meeting is a one-day event that offers SSVF 101 training as well as and practices related to rapid rehousing, Housing First, and homelessness prevention.  Due to space limitations, grantees may register no more than two (2) program staff for this one-day Regional Meeting.  Furthermore, grantee representatives may attend only one of two tracks that will run concurrently at the Regional Meeting: 1) a track targeted for Direct Service staff, or 2) a track targeted for Program Management staff.    
Grantees with more than one SSVF grant award may send up to two (2) representatives per grant award.  Registration for many of the Regional Meetings has opened and assigned grantees have received these notifications.  When you receive the registration email (sent to the primary and secondary contacts within your agency's SSVF grants management account) please be sure to complete registration before it closes.
IMPORTANT:  For those grantees who serve the location (city) in which the regional meeting is being held, VA has added an additional day for grantees and community stakeholders that will focus on community coordination efforts.  These meetings are customized to meet the needs of the local community.  If you have questions, please contact Bobby Thompson at:  robert.thompson2@va.gov.

VA Releases SSVF Proposed Rule for Public Comment

The VA has released proposed changes to the SSVF Final Rule, which is open for public comment until September 26, 2016.  The link to the proposed rule can be found at:

Grantee Action Needed Regarding Outstanding FFR Financial Status Reports (FSR)

This is a reminder to grantees that they must close any outstanding (FY 14 and FY 15) FFR Financial Status Reports in the HHS Payment Management System.  It is a Federal requirement that all SSVF grantees submit the Financial Status Report portion of the Federal Financial Report (SF-425). Grantees must complete this report for all subaccounts within the HHS Payment Management System no later than 45 days after the end of the grant term, or at the end of an approved grant extension.

IMPORTANT:  Effective August 31, 2016, any failure to complete this process will cause a suspension of your HHS SSVF accountYour HHS account will remain frozen until this delinquency is resolved.  Please note that all SSVF grant accounts associated with that grantee's banking will be frozen.

Instructions can be found within the HHS website:

Please note that only the FFR Financial Status Report (FSR) is required and the FFR Cash Transaction Report is NOT required.

SSI/SSDI Outcomes Request – due 9/2/2016

The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center is requesting data from grantees that assisted with SSI/SSDI applications using the SOAR model between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. This data is important in telling the story of the great SOAR work that is happening across the US, including the excellent work that grantees are doing with SOAR.

How to Report

1.       If you use the Online Tracking Application (OAT), please update your data by the 9/2 deadline here:


2.       If your state/area uses OAT, but you haven't registered or reported data previously, register and enter data by 9/2 here:


3.       If your state doesn't use OAT and you haven't entered data (or aren't sure if you have), contact your state team lead to ensure your data is counted by the 9/2 deadline here:


Grantees can also be in touch with their SOAR TA Center Liaison, who is working to help collect data from their states with any questions or requests for assistance here:

Thank you,

SSVF Program Office

NOTE:  If you are receiving this email in error, please disregard.  We request your patience as the SSVF Program Office continues to address system issues with the grants management database.