FUNDING OPP: Good Neighbor Citizenship

State Farm’s philanthropy program for community organizations is called the Good Neighbor Citizenship grant program.  These grants provide programmatic support in the focus areas outlined below.  The application for 2016 funding will be open from Tuesday, September 1, 2015, through Friday, October 30, 2015. Funding will be disbursed in late first quarter 2016.

Safety Grants
State Farm values the importance of keeping our neighbors safe.   Our safety funding is directed toward:

  • disaster preparedness and recovery
  • improving driver, passenger, vehicle, or roadway safety (Auto Safety)
  • shielding home from fires, criminals, or natural disasters

Education Grants
Creating better educated communities includes providing access to personal financial education and job training. Our funding is directed toward three areas:

1.      Teacher quality: Any program that provides support for the improvement of teaching.  This can include support for professional development for teachers if that development is tied to improved outcomes for students. 
2.      Service-learning: Any support for programs that engage students and teachers in applying what they are learning in the classroom to real-world applications of that learning. 
3.      Systemic reform:
    • Efforts and programs that impact the “8-3” school day
    • Efforts that directly impact the system of education.  This includes implementation of policy changes at the local and state level.
    • A means to maximize the number of youth that are achieving at the highest achievement levels as demonstrated by performance outlined by the Common Core Standards.

OTHER EDUCATION categories will support Job Training and Personal Financial Literacy:

Job Training: training to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to enter or re-enter the workforce and become economically self-sufficient.
*List is not-all-inclusive
    • Skills USA
    • Vocational Training
    • Job Training for Veterans
    • Small Business Entrepreneur
    • Youth Build Programs

Programs in this category will be considered for all ages. Job training can be for skilled or unskilled labor.

Personal Financial Literacy (financial education):
*List is not all-inclusive
    • Junior Achievement
    • Homeownership Counseling
    • Credit and Budget Counseling
    • Tax Preparation Assistance Programs/Tax Clinics

Programs in this category will be considered for all ages.
*Some restrictions apply under each program area

Our charitable contributions are not available for one-time events or sponsorships (i.e. golf tournaments, dinners and other fundraisers) and are awarded to the following organizations:
Ø  Educational Institutions
Ø  Government entities
Ø  501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organizations
Ø  501(c)(4) volunteer fire companies
Ø  501(c)(6) chambers of commerce

Items of note:
  • Minimum grant amount is $5,000.
  • Funding decisions are approved locally.
  • Grant applications must be submitted online.
  • One proposal per organization per year may be considered.  

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State Farm® Community Specialist
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SOAR Webinar Announcement

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August 2015
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SOAR Webinar:
The SOAR Medical Summary Report

Thursday, September 10, 2015
3:00pm-4:30pm EDT

The Medical Summary Report (MSR) is a SOAR signature tool and key to a successful application. It is a letter that provides a succinct, comprehensive summary of the applicant's personal and treatment history and its impact on his or her life. It also clearly describes the factors affecting functioning and ability to work.

In this webinar you will learn more about the MSR Interview Guide and Template and how to effectively interview for and write an MSR.  Presenters from around the country will share how they have successfully used MSRs in their SOAR practice. Participants will have access to helpful tools and sample MSRs from approved applications.

This webinar is recommended for SOAR practitioners, SOAR team leads and other individuals who would like more information on the importance of the Medical Summary Report in the SSI/SSDI application process.

Click here to register for this webinar

For more information, go to
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