Allegany County HMIS News 02/09/15 (MAJOR UPDATE)

Good morning!  We updated our HMIS to comply with the new HHS + HUD + VA standards!

We will conduct several HMIS User Forum sessions via WebEx to review (see dates + times below).  You may register by following our registration instructions or send us an email with your selection.  Each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.  We realize this is very last minute, so please contact us if you are not able to attend any of these sessions to make other arrangements.
  • HMIS User Forum #1: 2/11, 1:00pm
  • HMIS User Forum #2: 2/12, 9:00am
  • HMIS User Forum #3: 2/13, 9:00am 
Thank you all very much for your participation and patience!  Listed below are a few notes regarding this update.  
  • Assessment Forms - we are currently in the process of updating, and will post online shortly
  • Workflow Manuals - we are currently in the process of updating, and will post online shortly
  • "Client Location" question - always select "MD-500"
  • Old Assessment Questions - if you'd like one or more added back to your provider, please remember to discuss at one of the forums above
  • HUD CoC Funded Providers - must update all client info with new assessment (we'll discuss at forums above)
  • Reports - our HMIS software vendor is currently updating  (we'll discuss at forums above)

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator
HMIS Support Team

Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Properly entering data, or contacting us, saves hours!