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Tuesday April 7, 2015

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RFP: Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
The Housing Trust Fund Corporation has released a Request for Proposal for an "Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice."  The proposal submission deadline is April 16


A conversation about the role of design in building equitable communities from Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. 
April 8, 6:30 p.m.

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference
The Center for Community Progress conference will be held in Detroit, Michigan on May 19-21

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People Power: The Community Organizing Tradition of Saul Alinsky
Edited by Aaron Schutz
Tirman describes the "raid mentality" of our response to immigration, which seeks violent solutions for a social phenomenon.
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Dream Chasers: Immigration and the American Backlash
By John Tirman
Tirman describes the "raid mentality" of our response to immigration, which seeks violent solutions for a social phenomenon.
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From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

Our Field Wasn't Made for Hot Markets-Now What?

By Josh Ishimatsu, CAPACD

Community development was born in a time of white flight and disinvestment. Our programs, underlying assumptions, and many of our basic operating tactics are still fighting the old wars of cold markets and urban "blight." But while inner city disinvestment is still a huge problem in many places... More 

Chattanooga Is Densifying Its Downtown--Will It Diversify Too?

By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce

As this CityLab article points out, Chattanooga is now trying to densify its downtown, which had lacked "adequate" housing to sustain the kind of urban culture of innovation it hopes to cultivate to go with its "Gig City" success. But there's not a single word in that article about... More

Intergenerational Housing-The New Sharing Model?

By Keli Tianga, Shelterforce

s the move toward intergenerational models of housing being spurred by the new sharing economy, the increasing influence of immigrant cultures, or something else? More

We Have Only One Year to Prove Local Hire Works! Here's How
By Laura BarrettGamaliel and Transportation Equity NetworkFor years, at every Transportation Equity Network meeting with USDOT officials, the need for progressive, creative local hire policies was aired and shot down. Our cry was heard at last, but the fight is not over... More

Featured Resources

ImpactBase Snapshot: An Analysis of 300+ Impact Investing Funds    

ImpactBase is the searchable, online database of impact investment funds and products designed for investors. See the report here
Read our issue on Impact Investing here

Housing Landscape 2015 

Released yesterday by the NYU Furman Center, Creating Affordable Housing Out of Thin Air examines the economic potential of a mandatory inclusionary zoning policy to produce new affordable units tied to upzonings across New York City's neighborhoods. More

The Answer

Q: Do Section 8 voucher holders increase crime in a neighborhood?


This is a perennial fear, but researchers at NYU's Furman Center took a really close look at the data to see, when controlling for other factors, if there was any association between an increase in Housing Choice Vouchers and the crime levels in that neighborhood....

Read more and download The Answer here!

You Said It!

From our April Fools edition of the Weekly...

"Like a mini Onion for the community development world!"

"What a great way to start the day, thanks! We should add: Foreclosures Down 50%, Crisis is Over! (well they are still up 300% pre-crisis level, but what the hell?)

"LOVE IT! Very clever and very true."

I saw your hiring announcement in the most recent spooflines. Congrats. NACEDA recently brought on Nala, an intern from Northern Virginia. I attached a photo here. Her interests are sleeping, chicken sticks, 

dingo bones, and squirrels of any kind. Next time you make it to DC, I'll introduce you.

Good luck,

Want to see what everyone's talking about? Check out our April Fools edition of the Weekly here!

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Opportunity Finance Network, Philadelphia, PA 
The essential functions of the position are to design methods to collect primary data from CDFIs, including financial performance, portfolio activity and performance, and community outcomes. Clean survey data, conduct data analyses, develop and undertake issue-focused research based on OFN's primary data as well as other data, and disseminate findings to broad audiences. 

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