HMIS REPORT CARDS: 3/31/15 YTD (Baltimore Co)

​Good afternoon!  Our monthly report cards are posted online.  Please view the notes below.  Thank you!

  • Failing Performance Measures (highlighted in red)
    • St Vincent DePaul: Shelter Diversion
  • Areas of Concern (highlighted in yellow)
    • Several programs (see both report cards)
    • These should be addressed right away
      • Contact us to resolve these issues
      • Waiting until the end of your fiscal year may result in poor program performance, and we may not have sufficient resources/time to assist with correcting data
    • Data is a direct reflection of your program(s) and may affect:
      • Funding Cuts
      • Funding Priority
      • Rating and Ranking
      • Reporting Requirements

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator

Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Proper data saves hours!