RE: [MARHMIS] Data Integration Policies

I've learned to have a lot more conversations, not assume that things are happening, know who is the person in charge of the uploads and reach out to touch base every so often.  When the new data standards disrupted uploading it became very obvious that no one in the community had a very good grasp on any of it, so we teamed up with our vendor to do a call/training and now have a mailing list.  We also expect that uploading projects meet our data standard policies in order to participate and monitor the same way we do our other projects.


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Subject: [MARHMIS] Data Integration Policies

I'm curious what precedent there is for communities allowing agencies to participate in HMIS by providing monthly files for upload into the system? What lessons have folks learned? What policies have you established? I have my own opinions and experience with the process, but I'm interested in what other implementations have done. We are evaluating options to determine if one of our RHY providers should be allowed to meet their participation requirement with a different system. I'm totally open to the possibility as long as it doesn't compromise our data quality. What advice is out there?

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