[MARHMIS] Fwd: SSVF Updates

As a follow-up to yesterday's call.

A SSVF Program Update was released to SSVF grantees last week on March 4th (attached). Please note that this update was intended for grantees. However, it provides context in terms of timelines and expectations that may be helpful just for reference.

MARHMIS-There will be a webinar on CoC level gap analysis data on 3/12. If you are interested, you would be welcome to join by registering at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6748913786866586625.

SSVF Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

·         Applications are due March 17th by 4pm EST.

·         This is for renewal funding only. No new applications are being accepted.

·         Additional information can be found at: http://www.va.gov/HOMELESS/SSVF.asp

·         HMIS is an eligible expense. If the grantee is requesting to use SSVF dollars for this cost, the grantee should include it in their application budget.

SSVF Final Rule

·         The SSVF new final rule was published on February 24, 2015. (The previous rule was November 10, 2010).

·         The new final rule is effective March 26, 2015. Please note that grantees learned on 3/6 that they have several options in terms of the implementation timeline and that in some cases, they may not begin using the final rule right away. Overall, grantees will coordinate with the other grantees serving each CoC so that implementation is consistent.

·         A new SSVF Program Guide will be released on 3/26/15. The current Program Guide is 10/31/14.

·         The final rule can be found at: http://www.va.gov/HOMELESS/SSVF.asp

·         The national call recorded webinar from 3/6 on the final rule should be posted soon; this webinar highlights changes and enhancements and addresses specific questions from grantees.

Coordinated Entry

·         SSVF grantees are required to participate in the development, implementation, and ongoing operations of their local CoC's coordinated assessment. This information is included in the NOFA and also the new final rule.

·         In terms of implementation, it is understood that this will look different for each CoC.

·         Guidance is consistent with the Coordinated Entry Policy Brief released by HUD last week.

·         Grantees understand that they play a role in providing resources for Veteran households and services in addition to community planning and coordination which includes coordinated entry.

Ending Veteran Homelessness

·         This is the link to the recorded webinar: 25 Cities Initiative and SSVF Integration with CAHP Systems on February 2, 2015. It includes a presentation by New Orleans.  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4334672124831745793

·         NAEH Snapshot on New Oreans http://b.3cdn.net/naeh/13d8f250d3020ce685_xnm6iyuyk.pdf

·         Community planning to end Veteran homelessness  is a focus for the SSVF regional meetings. Attached, please find two images that address the goal of ending Veteran homelessness and functional zero. After the regional meetings conclude, the materials will be posted on the SSVF University, and a link can be shared with you. Please note that communities that are not Priority 1 (P1) will be submitting a community plan to end Veteran homelessness by April 21st. In many cases, this means that grantees will be reaching out to CoCs and HMIS System Administrators prior to that time to discuss goals, needs, and plans.

SSVF Repository Uploads/Data Support

·         This message was sent to repository users this morning.

o   Hello,
All programs should have received a Data Quality Report within 24 hours of uploading your data to the Repository this month. Please review this report carefully and correct the errors identified. The Repository will remain open through 3/13 to upload the corrected data. If you should need assistance in interpreting the report, please contact us at ssvfhmis@abtassoc.com<mailto:ssvfhmis@abtassoc.com>

Thank you,

SSVF Repository Administrators

·         If you have any questions, please contact ssvfhmis@abtassoc.com<mailto:ssvfhmis@abtassoc.com> and cc the appropriate Regional Coordinator. Regional Coordinators will most likely not respond directly, but they do read emails and will follow up as needed.

·         Please note that staff are conducting regional meetings the next few weeks so responses may not be as fast as usual. Thanks for your patience.

·         We had some transitions in regions this year. In general, these are the Regional Coordinators that serve the areas covered by MARHMIS states.

o   DC

§  Adrienne.melendez@va.gov<mailto:Adrienne.melendez@va.gov>

o   Delaware

§  Lindsay.hill@va.gov<mailto:Lindsay.hill@va.gov>

o   Maryland

§  Adrienne.melendez@va.gov<mailto:Adrienne.melendez@va.gov>

o   New Jersey

§  Adrienne.melendez@va.gov<mailto:Adrienne.melendez@va.gov>  (All counties except Southern Counties)

§  Lindsay.hill@va.gov<mailto:Lindsay.hill@va.gov>  (Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, Camden, Atlantic)

o   New York

§  Adrienne.melendez@va.gov<mailto:Adrienne.melendez@va.gov>  (NY State, NYC, and Long Island)

o   Pennsylvania

§  Lindsay.hill@va.gov<mailto:Lindsay.hill@va.gov>  (Philadelphia and Delaware, Chester, Montgomery Counties, shares Bucks County with Bobby)

§  Robert.thompson2@va.gov<mailto:Robert.thompson2@va.gov>  (All other counties in PA)

o   Virginia

§  Robert.thompson2@va.gov<mailto:Robert.thompson2@va.gov>  (Some shared geography with Adrienne in Northern Virginia)

o   West Virginia

§  Robert.thompson2@va.gov<mailto:Robert.thompson2@va.gov>

Dates to Remember for SSVF Grantees

·         Monday, February 23 NY Statewide Meeting (SSVF grantees serving VISN 2)

·         Tuesday/Wednesday February 24-25 Newark Regional Meeting

o   Grantees in MARHMIS States Participating: NY, NJ, PA, DE

·         Friday, February 27 NJ SSVF Statewide Meeting

·         Sunday, March 1st SSVF Program Changes Due

·         Wednesday/Thursday March 4-5 Raleigh Regional Meeting

o   Grantees in MARHMIS States Participating: MD, DC, VA

·         Friday, March 6th at 2pm National Required for SSVF Grantees Webinar on the New Final Rule

o   Register @ https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3884480387700388353

·         Monday, March 9th Gap Analysis CoC Data Released

·         Thursday, March 12th Required for SSVF Grantees Webinar on Gap Analysis CoC Data

o   Register @ https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6748913786866586625

·         Friday, March 13th Revised/Corrected Data Upload due to Repository (if applicable)

·         Thursday, March 19th Cleveland Regional Meeting

o   Grantees in MARHMIS States Participating: WV and PA

·         Friday, March 27th P1 Community Plan Updates due

·         Tuesday, March 31st 2nd Quarter Ends

·         Tuesday, April 21st Non-P1 Community Plans due