ATTN CoC's: FY13 Estimates + VA Secretary Request

Good morning!  Please see the info below, and contact me at any time with questions/concerns.  I'm always glad to assist.  Thank you!
  • FY13 Estimates for DHCD Con Plan (due 3/25)
  • VA Request: 2015 PIT Sheltered + Unsheltered Counts (due 3/25)
    • The Secretary for Veteran Affairs is requesting veteran counts from 2015 PIT by 3/25 
      • If you have your 2015 PIT veteran data compiled (only totals for sheltered + unsheltered), please use link below to submit
      • 2015 PIT Veteran Count

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator

Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Properly entering data saves hours!