Read-Only HMIS Licenses

Good news!  Read-Only licenses are now available!  

Please print, execute, and mail the HMIS End User Agreement from our site and mail back to our office at the address on the footer of the form.  Unfortunately, we may not accept emailed/scanned/photo-copied/faxed copies.  HMIS monitoring regulations require we have the original signed copies on file.

Once we receive your fully-executed agreement, you will be able to perform the following tasks below.  Current HMIS users at your agency should be able to assist you with navigation, and Team HMIS is always available for assistance.
  • look-up clients
    • view demographics + assessments
    • view contact information
    • view case managers
    • view case notes
    • view service history
    • view shelter stays
    • view households
    • view attachments
    • view incidents
    • view program entry/exits
  • run basic reports
    • call records
    • clients served
    • daily unit
    • entry/exit
    • referrals
    • service transactions
    • custom basic reports available upon request

Read-Only I:
The Read-Only I user role has visibility to data created by parent providers. In other words, this user role 
can see data up the provider tree, like a case manager.

Read-Only II: 
The Read-Only II user role has visibility to data created by parent and subordinate providers. In other 
words, this user role can see data created by the entire provider tree, like an Agency Admin.

Read-Only III: 
The Read-Only III user role has visibility to data system-wide, like a System Admin.