ACTION NEEDED: 2015 Baltimore County Point in Time Survey

Please review the notes below pertaining to your program.  Contact us (Jason or Sam) at 410-887-5968 for any questions and/or concerns.  Thank you for your continued support!!!
  • Street Team Volunteers 
    • As discussed during training, please review attachments
      • Also available on (resources ---> baltimore county ---> coc docs)
  • Street Team Leaders + Prologue
    • As discussed during training, please review attachments
      • Also available on (resources ---> baltimore county ---> coc docs
    • Street Kits (clipboards, gift cards, hygiene kits, etc.) available for pickup on 1/27 or 1/28 only
      • Coordinate pickup time w/Jason or Sam ASAP
    • Return completed surveys and leftover supplies to Jason or Sam by 2/1 
  • DSS Offices 
    • Marty Zimmerman will inform DSS offices of procedure w/paper surveys
    • Screening Unit at Drumcastle must enter data real-time into HMIS (no paper surveys)
  • DV Shelters
    • Complete surveys and return to Jason or Sam by 2/1
      • Only 1 survey per household
      • Must keep separated by emergency vs. transitional shelters
      • Do NOT include actual client names or actual DOB (approx ages ok)
  • Participating HMIS Providers
    • All current HMIS users must have data entered accurately by 11:59pm of PIT date
    • No paper surveys required
NOTE: Point in Time date is 1/29/15 (snow date is 1/30/15).  Jason will email everyone in the event of inclement weather by 6am.

Jason Burns, MCSE 
Systems Administrator 
HMIS Support Team 
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