SSVF North Atlantic Update: Super Important

Hi Team,

I just wanted to send you a quick email with some clarifying information.

1.       QPRs are due tomorrow (7/18)
·         A huge thanks to everyone who has already submitted their QPRs. I appreciate it. J
·         Please submit your QPRs by 5pm tomorrow.
·         I'm committed to getting you feedback before I go on vacation.
2.       Regional Meeting (August/September)
·         You will receive an email tonight or tomorrow with information regarding the regional meetings.
·         Please, please read this information carefully.
·         Do not book your travel until you have official confirmation.
3.       HHS Subaccount Transfers
·         We are still working on processing HHS subaccount transfers that were part of the program changes due 6/2.
4.       North Atlantic Regional Call September-Date Change
·         I sent a revised calendar invite for our September regional call changing the date from 9/3 to 9/5 due to the regional meeting in New Jersey on 9/3 and 9/4. Please share the revised invite with the appropriate staff. Subcontractors and partner agencies may join this call.
5.       Follow Up from National Webinar 7/17/15
·         We had a great webinar today. A few items to note:
·   The power point will be posted shortly on SSVF U.
·   A huge thanks for completing the SSVF U and SOAR surveys!!!
·   Please send the contact information for your legal partners/subcontractors to so that we can include them in our September call just for legal partners.
·   SSVF grant awards have not been announced. When they are released, we will share the information through a SSVF Program Update and will also post it on the SSVF website.
·   Please make sure that you have a detailed critical incident plan established including the information that was shared today on suicide prevention. For more information, please refer to our regional call in June.
6.       Coverage for Next Week
·         I am going to be out of the country next week with no access to email or voicemail.
·         Bobby Thompson, the SSVF Regional Grants Coordinator, will be my coverage. Bobby is phenomenal and has significant experience with the VA, the Great Lakes Region, and the VHPD program.
·         If you need anything tomorrow, please contact me.
·         If you need anything next week, please feel free to contact Bobby at and cc me.

Thanks so much!