Team HMIS Monthly Performance Reports

Listed below is some info about our monthly online Team HMIS Performance Reports w/screenshots at the bottom. 

Locating Team HMIS Performance Reports
  1. Visit
  2. Hover over "RESOURCES" link at top + select your agency
  3. In "REPORTS" section, click "Monthly Performance Report..."

"Housing Providers" report. Note the tabs at the top. Color codes based on housing type (Seasonal, ES, RRH, TH, PSH) 

Graph page. Note the tabs at the top to navigate to various graphs.  

"Service Providers" report. Note the tabs at the top to navigate to various graphs.

Accountability + Collaboration + Transparency
  • Accountability
    • Increased data accuracy + data entry timeliness
    • Increased performance measures
    • Increased awareness, pride, and urgency
      • Providers are actually competing to obtain best scores (even those not required to use HMIS)
    • Facilitates with provider rating/ranking and prioritization
  • Collaboration
    • CoC + providers analyze data for successes and areas in need of improvement 
    • CoC + providers share ideas, methodologies, workflows 
    • Referrals increased to those providers in need 
    • Resources made available to those providers in need
  • Transparency
    • Data easily accessible for everyone to view (CoC's, providers, users, humans) on a single page
    • Client counts, performance measures, service counts, etc.
    • Decreases workload for all HMIS admins and users
    • Analyze + monitor program performance by housing type (Seasonal, ES, RRH, TH, PSH)

Automation + Data Sources + Hardware + Software
  • Data Sources
    • HUD CoC APR (canned ServicePoint report) 
    • Client Served Report (canned ServicePoint report) 
    • Daily Unit Report (canned ServicePoint report)
    • Shelter Recurrence (automated w/scheduler)
  • Hardware
    • Chromebook ($199)
  • Software
    • Data: ServicePoint 
    • Data Page: Google Sheets (free) 
      • Simple formulas to automate totals, %'s, etc. 
    • Graphs: Google Docs (free) 
      • Simple formulas to automate graphs
    • Instructions: Blogger (free)
    • Social: Google+ (free)
    • Storage: Google Drive (free)
    • Website: Google Sites (free)